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Do you reside in a hostel or mess? Are all expenses, including meals, accounted for? Do you manually record expenses with pen and paper and encounter calculation issues at month-end? For you, we introduce a user-friendly Mess Meal Management App that simplifies mess or hostel calculations effortlessly. This app is named My Mess Mess Meal Management App. Using it, you can easily handle all mess calculations and manage your mess digitally. To get started with the My Mess Meal Management App, simply create an account and set up a mess in the name of your mess or hostel. This allows for easy meal management. Then, easily add your other mess members to your created mess. To include the rest of the members,Go to the Member page from the Home page. Tap the plus icon there to add other members to your mess or hostel.

Then, Choose a Mess manager among your members, who will input information and keep the mess information up to date as needed. Only the manager has the authority to add or modify information within the mess. All other members can view the mess info on their app and report any issues to the manager.

If needed or in case of any issues, the mess manager can transfer their role to another member, making them the new manager. However, each mess can have only one manager at a time. When the manager delegates their responsibilities, the member becomes the manager, and the previous manager becomes a general member. This ensures smooth and efficient mess management.

With the My Mess App, easily input daily market cost, member deposits and each member's daily meal count. Instantly view the total mess costs, deposits, meal counts, and meal rates – all calculated automatically by the app. Also, you can Know each member's deposits, meal cost, individual meal cost and their total meal cost conveniently through the app.

Our app ensures that your data is always safe, allowing you to log in from anytime, anywhere and view all your mess information and current status.

If you want to end the calculation of the mess,then you can end this Calculation in the Mess by going to the ”monthly summary” and opening a new Calculation. However, opening a new Mess calculation will delete all existing Mess statements. If you want to view the previous month's statements, you can go to the ”previous monthly summary”and view all the previous statements.

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